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5 Recent Innovations in Tool and Die Manufacturing

There are many tool and die manufacturing companies that appear to offer services and solutions sought by customers. However, not all companies offer the technical skills, in-house expertise, staff or range of services you need – causing quality issues, delays and other costly inefficiencies.

The main reason some tool and die manufacturing companies fall short is because they are behind the innovation curve and simply are not capable of efficiently producing precision parts accurately. 

Partnering with a vendor that values innovation will ensure you will benefit from a commitment to quality, timely service and problem-solving support.

Recent Innovations in Tool & Die Manufacturing

When comparing tool and die manufacturing companies to determine which would make the best partner for your business, it’s important to look for a company that offers the following recent innovations.

1. Up-To-Date Software

Having the latest software allows a tool and die manufacturing company to program directly from a native CAD file, saving programming time and eliminating potential translation errors. For example, Automation Tool & Die’s innovative software includes Mastercam 2023 for CNCs, Fanuc ROBOCUT-CAMi for wire EDM machines, and Siemens NX 2023 and Solidworks 2023 for CAD.

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Using modern technology, such as robotics, ensures high quality and maximizes efficiency. ATD uses a robot on the CNC for these reasons, in addition to eliminating a monotonous task with inherent ergonomic issues. The robot’s camera system guarantees that the part is being properly loaded and unloaded, while freeing up skilled labor for more challenging tasks.

3. Quality Control Processes

A reliable tool and die manufacturing company will have rigorous quality systems in place. For example, ATD is IATF 16949-certified, meaning its quality management systems meet the automotive industry’s rigid standards. The company carries over this best business practice to other industries, therefore benefitting all of its customers. While the standard IATF certification is required every three years, ATD chooses to be audited every six months.

4. Using Data and Analytics

Innovative tool and die manufacturing companies use automated equipment – like a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) – to monitor parts and collect data. ATD’s automatic inspections ensure data is continuously being collected any time a part is run, highlighting potential trends in dimensions. This allows adjustments to be made if dimensions are going toward the low-end or the upper-end of tolerance, and especially out of tolerance.

5. Investing in the Latest Tools

The final key to innovation is the willingness to invest in the latest machine and tool technology. On its CNCs, ATD has a state-of-the-art, built-in system that checks to ensure its cutting tools are the correct size. This program prevents inefficiencies associated with changing tools and eliminates the chance that an incorrect tool could affect part quality. In addition, ATD invests heavily in the latest cutting tools, and coatings on those cutting tools, in order to provide better service.

Partnering With ATD

The cutting-edge software and technologies listed above are required to ensure best-in-class tool and die manufacturing. Partnering with a company like ATD that values innovation means you benefit from superior products produced with precision and greater efficiency.

For example, ATD was contracted to build a stamping die for a safety-critical part that required high strength and low alloy material. Using their CAD simulation software, ATD was able to prove where the part was going to fail. They also utilized the software to solve this problem, which involved making the part bigger in a certain area, knowing that it was going to crack. By creating a large enough part that was allowed to crack, and then trim the crack away, the strength was maintained and uncompromised. 

The result was a part that was free of any thinning, cracks or defects. This would not have occurred quickly or easily had ATD not been able to utilize advanced software at the very beginning of the design.

Not only has ATD leveraged innovation to gain a competitive advantage in the tool and die manufacturing industry, we’re also a one-stop shop for custom, high-quality products and services. Our tool & die, metal stamping and value-added services can be customized to meet your unique needs, while our capabilities include engineering, prototyping, equipment and manufacturing transfer.

ATD’s team of technical experts offers problem-solving support and products delivered reliably, on time and within budget. To learn more about a partnership with ATD, contact us or submit an RFQ.

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