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Metal Stamping Services

High-Quality, Custom Parts

From a few hundred to millions — with a size range of a fraction of an inch to six feet long — our automated stamping department can supply the metal-stamped parts you need, when you need them. ATD offers quality metal stampings with consistent performance at a lower cost by using:

  • Industry-leading equipment
  • In-process inspections
  • Preventive equipment maintenance
AIDA machine for quality metal stampings
employee reviewing items on monitor

Efficiencies Bring Cost Savings

We built our state-of-the-art facility from the ground up, keeping in mind the most effective and efficient processes in order to provide our customers the best possible value. We do this by:

  • Using feedlines that allow maximum coil size
  • Reducing scrap and utilizing an underground scrap system
  • Streamlining process flow
  • Removing non-value-added time and labor
  • Following our customers’ pre-production approval process (PPAP)
  • Performing in-process inspections
  • Developing a predictive maintenance program

Explore Our Other Services

Our Equipment

ATD's investment in innovation includes our cutting-edge metal stamping equipment:

  • 32-Ton Federal Press
  • 60-Ton Bliss Press with Bliss Feedline
  • 100-Ton Minster Press with CWP Straightener and Accra-Wire Pallet Table
  • 100-Ton Minster Press with Minster Feedline
  • 100-Ton Niagara Press with Niagara Feedline
  • 150-Ton Niagara Press with Dallas Feeder and CWP Straightener and Reel
  • 150-Ton Minster Press with Minster Feedline
  • 150-Ton Verson Press
  • 200-Ton Minster Press
  • 220-Ton Mark Seyi Press
  • 250-Ton Niagara Press with Littell Feedline
  • 275-Ton Aida Press
  • 330-Ton Aida Servo Press with Dallas Feedline
  • 330-Ton Niagara Press with COE Feedline
  • 500-Ton Verson Press
  • 600-Ton Minster Press with Minster Feedline
  • 600-Ton Verson Press
  • 700-Ton Aida Servo Press with Dallas Feedline
  • MayFran Underground Scrap System

Our Metal Stamping Services

ATD is equipped to handle your product needs from start to finish. We provide the following metal stamping services.

  • Single Hit
  • Progressive Tooling
  • Hand Transfer
  • Robotic Press Cells
  • Bending
  • Ironing/Wall Thinning
  • Hemming
  • Blanking
  • Deep Drawing
  • Piercing
  • Coining
  • Cutting
  • Curling
  • Shaving
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Fastener Insertion
employee reviewing design

ATD's CAD Expertise Produces Big Cost Savings for Automotive Manufacturer

Learn how ATD saved an automotive manufacturer hundreds of thousands of dollars by using CAD software to pinpoint a failure and design a new part.

“We were able to tell them that if they went down the path they’ve used for these other tools they’ve built and are running, this part is going to fail. Right up front, in the very early stages of the laying out of this tool, we were able to get that in front of them — before steel was ordered, before die was set, before a lot of costs were accrued.”

Robert Matis, ATD Senior Tooling Engineer and Estimator

Robert Matis
ATD Senior Tooling Engineer and Estimator

What Our Customers Say

Find out what others have to say about ATD's one-stop shop model for custom, high-quality products and services that are backed by expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

“I appreciate ATD’s teamwork environment, philosophy and vision. I am happy to see the family-like environment at ATD and the ATD team's willingness for long-term partnership, which is in line with our owner’s vision."

Sales Manager
Automotive Manufacturing Company

"ATD is a world-class organization with a high level of expertise — and we have never regretted partnering with them for nearly all of our stamping and tooling needs since we started working with them in the late '90s. The communication is excellent, and they are transparent in all they do — pricing, quality, working together through any sourcing challenges that may come up from time to time, helping to accommodate us when demand unexpectedly spikes on certain parts — the list goes on. They are a true partner and we consider them an extension of our business."

Industrial Manufacturing Company

“ATD has the staff, knowledge, and ability to meet your needs."

Associate Engineering Supervisor
Automotive Manufacturing Company

Discover What We're Capable Of

Partnering with ATD means receiving the quality products, services, timeliness and problem-solving support you need to win more customers.